Robbat2 (robbat2) wrote in south_africa,

Leon Schuster in Region 1 DVD.

This is a weird request. But if anybody sees these as Region 1 DVDs, I'd love to have them. They are South African movies written by or involving Leon Schuster. IMDB doesn't even list all of them, but I'm strongly certain they exist.

"Mama Jack"
"Sweet and Short"
"Mr Bones"
"Panic Mechanic"
"You must be joking 1"
"You must be joking 2"
"Oh Schucks it’s Schuster"
"Oh Schucks here comes Untag" (Also known as "Kwagga Strikes Back")
"Oh Schucks I’m gatvol"

I already have
"There’s a Zulu on my Stoep" (North American title "Yankee Zulu")

I think I might be SOL, as it seems a bunch of them have not been produced as Region 1 DVDs at all.

I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada, having grown up in Durban.

(cross posted to southafrica)
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