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Worldwide D&D Game Day - Player Handbook 3 (Cape Town Event)

Worldwide D&D Game Day - Players' Handbook 3 happening this weekend.

Saturday, 20 March 2010
13:00 - 18:00
EM7, UCT upper campus
Engineering Mall (near Leslie Social)
Cape Town, South Africa

This the first of what promises to be several Game Days spotlighting hot new releases for the D&D game. Celebrate the launch of Player’s Handbook 3 and the complete release of all the psionic classes as you participate in an exclusive adventure called “Beneath the Lonely Tower.” Want a blurb for the adventure? You got it!

Beneath the Lonely Tower
Written by Erik Scott de Bie
In the frontier village of Beorunna’s Well, all is not well. Villagers have disappeared without a trace, and the locals fear to walk alone in the dark. Now, the villagers hear distant cries of terror at night, echoing from an abandoned fortress outside the village. A group of brave heroes must step forward to explore the Lonely Tower and end the threat to Beorunna’s Well. “Beneath the Lonely Tower” is a 6th-level adventure with six pre-generated characters included, all using options from the new Player’s Handbook 3.

Each character presented for play has a new character class from Player’s Handbook 3; four of the characters use the new races from that book as well! The monk is one of the classes being showcased for those who missed this class when 4e was launched.

Sanctioning #: 10-03-2175377

Anyone wanting to DM at the event is to please arrive an hour before hand (12h00) to assist with set-up and to get briefed.
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